DeJ Loaf – Last Time I Checked (Song)

DeJ Loaf - Last Time I Checked (Song)
DeJ Loaf – Last Time I Checked (Song)

Dej’s vocals bubble in autotune as she gracefully switches between rapping and singing. She asserts confidence on “Last Time I Checked,” casually reminding her fans that her crew is living the good life. Dej references The Notorious B.I.G. several times on the record, calling on the energy of the late great icon to help guide her musings.

Dej Loaf is back with a vengeance. The talented Detroit rapper left the game after amassing a list of memorable features alongside a simmering single. If you thought Dej was gone for good though, you’re dead wrong. Dej came through with “Who Gon Stop Us” early in November, and before the month ends she has blessed us with another track. “Last Time I Checked” is an addicting new single produced by iRocksays. The cinematic synths and slow knocking drums create the perfect nighttime music vibe. This is a track that you bump on that midnight car ride, contemplating about life, or hot boxing the whip.

Quotable Lyrics
Many men, many men
Listening to 50 Cent Get Rich Or Die Tryin’
My niggas told me I’m a legend, I’m a pioneer
I was going through some shit I had to disappear
I can make a gangsta cry real tears

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