Vine Creator Announces New Vine-Like App Called Byte

Vine Creator Announces New Vine-Like App Called Byte
Vine Creator Announces New Vine-Like App Called Byte

The days of Vine were glorious days. Many an Internet personality including Reggie Couz, King Bach, and Lele Pons, launched their careers on the video looping application. When the app was shut down and deemed defunct, fans carried on its legacy sharing vines on other platforms such as Facebook, Twiter, and Instagram. The application arguably produced a number of the world’s most celebrated viral videos and left its mark on popular culture.

Vine’s co-creator Dom Hofmann recently took to his Twitter account to reveal plans to launch a successor to Vine. In a concise tweet made on Thursday, Hofmann shared a picture of the logo for the upcoming application adding, “our new looping video app is called byte. launching spring 2019.”Subsequently, a new twitter page for the application was made and has since posted a single tweet welcoming followers to the account.

Naturally, news of this new app has attracted the attention of many and has sparked hilarious responses. “Vine Lives,” one user proclaimed while another played on natural instincts and alluded to a well-loved vine in their tweet writing, “’Do it for the Byte, I ain’t gon do it.’” One particularly enthusiastic Twitter user commented, “I’ve been happy about stuff in my life before. But not like this.”

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