XXXTentacion Song BAD! & Posthumous Album Teased

XXXTentacion Song BAD! & Posthumous Album Teased
XXXTentacion Song BAD! & Posthumous Album Teased

It’s been months since the murder of XXXTentacion and we continue to mourn the loss of one of the most talented young artists in the game. X impacted so many lives and his music continues to help people who may be going through a rough time in their lives. While deeply troubled, many connected to the rapper because of his vulnerability and emotional sound. At the time of his death, he was working on two albums – Skins and Bad Vibes Forever – which may never be released to the public. From the sounds of it, his camp is looking to share a few songs posthumously to allow his legacy to grow further. X’s Instagram page is home to a new snippet of a track called “BAD!” as his family teases an upcoming album.

The possibility of a posthumous XXXTentacion album has been up in the air since the moment he passed. It appears now as though his family is ready to release some of his music to the world. “BAD!,” a song that has been teased in the past through snippets, was previewed on Jah’s IG story for his fans to hear. In the clip, you can hear the late artist speaking about his album, saying the songs would be “super short.” He sang the hook and part of a verse before the video cut out.

Shortly after his passing, this song surfaced online as a minute-long loop. It has not been revealed whether or not an album is on the way. We’ll update you with more information as it is revealed.

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