Wiz Khalifa - Late Night Messages (Video)
Wiz Khalifa – Late Night Messages (Video)

Suffice to say, the music video for “Late Night Messages” off Rolling Papers 2 is here to further the discussion on late night texting. Should we do it? Should we do without it? And last but not least, does etiquette enter the discussion at all.

In the “Late Night Messages,” Wiz Khalifa contemplates texting all of his ex-girlfriends in one rapid-fire motion. But in the end, he staves off that killer reflex and joins a bunch of aerobics models in doing a calisthenics routine. I wish I were lying to you right now.

Part of the whole process of positioning himself as a future R&B great begins with Wiz discovering the second layer to his sentimental side. By wearing pendant chains with his lover’s name, Wiz Khalifa was beginning to show good form. He published the follow-up to Rolling Papers, with a lot of mature content, and by mature I do mean “learned.”


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