Styles P – Money and Checks (Song)

Styles P - Money and Checks (Song)
Styles P – Money and Checks (Song)

On “Money and Checks,” Styles doesn’t deviate from the formula. He tells it like it is; he looks down upon the fixation with social media, not because of its illusory effect, but because venturing into the deep waters of Instagram prevents you from occupying the “frontline” where the real money is made. There are the words of a stately figure, make no mistake about it.

When Styles dropped Dime Bag only days after completing his joint project with Dave East, it became abundantly clear that we wear dealing with a rap veteran uninterested in vacating his active spot in the rotation. The Ghost is back, in the sense that he never really left, we’ve been chasing the wrong kind of specters all along. Styles P doesn’t specify whether the money comes clean, like the juice bar where he gets his cleanse. There will never be a Styles 2.0, there’s no reason for it.

Quotable Lyrics:

Laid back like a pimp in a Cadillac seat
Shoot it out like Hateful Eight at Minnie’s Haberdashery
Now you know me to rhyme well and blow the weed pack
But you don’t wanna see me spaz, you don’t need that
Yo, bro, I had the Volvo full of work with the hammer in it
I see the po-po, I’ma skrrt.

-Styles P

Download Styles P – Money and Checks

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