XXXTENTACION Has Collabs With Rihanna & The Weeknd On The Way

XXXTENTACION Has Collabs With Rihanna & The Weeknd On The Way
XXXTENTACION Has Collabs With Rihanna & The Weeknd On The Way

Over the past few weeks, the estate of XXXTENTACION has released several posthumous cuts from the rapper. Although there have been talks about his follow-up to ? dropping, nobody from his camp has publicly announced a release date. Yesterday, his single, “Arms Around You” with Lil Pump, Maluma and Swae Lee surfaced. The song was produced by Mally Mall who recently revealed that he has nine unreleased tracks with X that might end up having some major features on it.

Mally Mall joined the folks at Power 106 recently and revealed that he has several unreleased songs with XXXTENTACION in the vault. While he’s unsure of when they’ll see the light of day, he revealed that there’s one song that might have Rihanna vocals on them and another that’s expected to have The Weeknd on it.

“We actually have like nine more songs together with X that are coming out,” he revealed. “One is gonna go for Rihanna. So, there’s another one that The Weeknd is possibly going to get on right now. It’s crazy. The kid was so talented. X was so talented that he sounded like three different artists on one song.”

The Weeknd previously showed love to XXXTENTACION upon the release of the late rapper’s sophomore album. The Toronto singer simply tweeted “?” which ultimately turned into a meme. X also credited The Weeknd’s early music for shaping him as a human being and an artist.

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