City Girls – Not Ya Main (Video)

City Girls - Not Ya Main (Video)
City Girls – Not Ya Main (Video)

City Girls aren’t interested in settling down for anybody. As JT formally states in the pre-chorus, she does not belong to anybody. “I’m that b*tch but I’m not your b*tch,” she says in the PERIOD track. The emphasis is placed on their status as perpetual side chicks here as Yung Miami and JT are happy providing for themselves. At this point in their career, they’re both doing pretty well for themselves. Of course, JT remains locked up but once she’s out, she’ll be happy to hear all about the success they’ve experienced as one of Quality Control’s priorities.

This is just the latest video that the duo has released since JT was arrested with the two embracing Caribbean vibes. Both members of the group are present, which means that this was filmed a while ago.

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