SoundCloud Announces Instagram Integration On iOS & Android

SoundCloud Announces Instagram Integration On iOS & Android
SoundCloud Announces Instagram Integration On iOS & Android

The update makes sharing music that much easier.

The update allows users to share SoundCloud songs directly to their Instagram Story by simply clicking “Share” on the SoundCloud menu and selecting “Share to Instagram Stories.” People who view the story will then be able to access the song by tapping “Play on SoundCloud” at the top of the post, which will lead them to the SoundCloud mobile app playing the selected song.

Music fans have probably noticed Instagram users sharing their favorite tunes through their IG stories. While some might have access to the “scroll up” option, which links the viewer to a different webpage, many were left with the option of uploading screenshots of their preferred tracks. SoundCloud has announced the addition of a new Instagram feature that will help its users share musical creations effectively.

Millions of music creators who build their careers with SoundCloud will be pleased with the upgrade as much as the avid music listener. Saweetie is part of the enthusiasts.

“When creatives are able to share their songs via Stories it allows fans and followers to get the information instantly. Instead of dm’ing and commenting, they can easily click through to be taken directly to the track.”

The new SoundCloud + Instagram feature begins its rollout today and is available through the latest versions of the SoundCloud and Instagram mobile apps on both iOS and Android.

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