The Game’s Cutest Family Moments

The Game’s Cutest Family Moments
The Game’s Cutest Family Moments

Jayceon Taylor is probably one of the proudest dad’s in “The Game.”

At the beginning of the year, The Game (born Jayceon Terrell Taylor) sadly lost his father who unexpectedly passed in his sleep. The loss was a hard one for Jayceon who shared with fans that he’s usually a strong person, but his dad’s passing was getting to him. “Stopped waking up and looking in the mirror because every time I do, I see your face. I ain’t just lose a father. I lost a friend,” he wrote.

As aggressive of a rapper The Game may be, he switches into a loving family man when it comes to his three children – King, California, and Harlem. Amongst the muscle-flaunting, barber shop and sneaker musings is a double measure of posts depicting the love for his children.

“I truly will never understand how any man can be absent in their child’s life. The energy, the love & motivation I get from being in her presence alone is enough to keep me right where she needs me to be, in this lifetime & the next,” The Game captioned a photo of him and his daughter Cali.

Without a doubt, Jayceon’s children are what keeps him strong and grounded. Below we rounded up some of the best photos of a strong Taylor family unit.

“Daddy It’s Gonna Be Okay”

Cali’s Gorgeous Looks Used In A Nike Ad Equals A Proud Dad

Gang Gang

Studio Sessions With The Kids #DaddyGang

A Special Picture With His Son On Father’s Day

Young King On Graduation Day

“I Love You With All My Heart…”

Shoutout To Winnie Harlow For This One

Beautiful Family

The Love Is Strong

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