Brent Faiyaz – Came Right Back (Song)

Brent Faiyaz - Came Right Back (Song)
Brent Faiyaz – Came Right Back (Song)

Brent Faiyaz wouldn’t have it another way in “Came Right Back.”

A favorite example of that comforting blanket of transparency arrives in “Came Right Back,” as he utters: “Why do I feel cursed if I’m so blessed now?” It’s a considerably minimal record, packing its punch in its words and the melodies that deliver them, along with an ending skit to match.

“‘Came Right Back” is just my day-to-day as of right now, I guess. Learning to navigate through the ups and downs of some real-life back home shit, while maintaining this music career,” Brent says of the cut. “Love is non-existent. I visit about 30 cities and hit three continents over the course of about three months. Performing, kicking it, peeping scenes and shit. All while recording new music and documenting this hot ass lifestyle. I’m trying to keep from going under. I gotta stay sane in this shit. I gotta continue to take care of my family.”

The greatest flaw in Brent Faiyaz’s Lost EP is that it’s only six songs-long. Perhaps that can be attributed our spoiled nature in having artists ruin the meanings of EPs by dropping EPs longer than EPs should be in recent times. But, the moral of the story here is that we wish it were longer.

It’s Brent at his most vulnerable state to date, and just when you’ve kicked up your feet and settled into his mental welcome area, he’s kicked you out and let you know that you don’t have to go home, but–well, you know the rest.

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