Diddy & Cassie Breakup

Diddy & Cassie Breakup
Diddy & Cassie Breakup

Wendy Williams explains what Cassie may have to change in her life.

This may be a little dramatic but Diddy and Cassie’s break-up spells the end of an era. The two were practically inseparable for eleven years, showing up at award shows together and making the world jealous of their love. They were involved in a romantic relationship for over a decade but it was reported this week that the two called off their coupledom a few months ago. Puffy now appears to be dating a 26-year-old model while Cassie is busy showing her past love what he’s missing in a few recent photos. Many have been sharing their opinions on social media about the split and everyone’s favorite (or least favorite) daytime talk show host, Wendy Williams, came through with her own two cents.

“After eleven years of romance,” says Wendy, “Puffy and Cassie are officially broken up.” Her audience was shocked to hear the news but later, they got in a few laughs as the host explained what Cassie may need to learn now that she’s single. Keep in mind, Cassie was 21-years-old when she entered a relationship with Diddy so she doesn’t have much experience being an adult and living solo. Wendy joked that she would need to alter her life a little, saying, “She probably doesn’t know how to apply for a mortgage. I’m talking about the practical things of life. She’s probably always been on his insurance so she needs an insurance card.” She went on to explain that she believes Cassie may have “wasted” eleven years of her life, which is an unfair statement to make considering the couple was madly in love.

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